Eliminating Pain and Anxiety

Choosing Between Sedation and General Anesthesia

There are two levels of Sedation: Conscious and Deep Sedation. The biggest difference between them is having some level of awareness versus being in a state of complete unawareness.

For Conscious Sedation, a sedative is given to help a patient relax and an anesthetic is given to block pain during the dental procedure. This type of Sedation can also be administered by the Anesthesiologist intravenously, also known as, “IV Sedation.” In both cases, the patient is not asleep, but rather in a much safer and more comfortable semi-awake state of reduced anxiety. There will be little or no memory of the surgery, because of the amnesic effect of the medication used. This is performed on the dental chair and is the preferred choice of a majority of our patients.

The next level of Sedation is Deep Sedation, commonly referred to as, “General Anesthesia.” This procedure is administered by the Anesthesiologist and the surgery is performed in the Operating Room of Hospital CIMA. The pre-operative and post-operative guidelines for patients who select this method are more rigid and stringent, as the patient is rendered completely unconscious during the process.

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